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“SK 500” is designed for the straight cutting operations of the large size of aluminium profiles by means of Ø500 mm of saw blade at 90°. It is ideal for the serial and precise slicing operations.

Standard accesories

  • 2.5 meter of infeed roller conveyor
  • Equipped with saw blade Ø 500 mm (European Saw Blade)
  • Spray saw blade lubrication system (Festo)
  • Air gun (Festo)
  • 3 x horizontal clamps (Festo)
  • 3 x vertical clamps (Festo)

Optional accesories

  • Additional saw blade with Ø 500 mm (Dress or Freud Brand)
  • VCE 1570 Chip vacuum extractor
  • Extending kit for 5 meter of infeed roller conveyor.

General features

  • Suitable for high-volume slicing of aluminium profiles for window manufacturing and industrial applications
  • High precision servo / synchronous motors and internationally recognized components
  • Saving of time by means of servo-controlled workpiece infeed speed.
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping of the workpiece during the sawing operation
  • Automatic table retraction feature protects the surface of the workpiece against the scratches arising during the saw blade downward motion
  • High cutting accuracy by means of the robust mechanical structure
  • Single or multi-bar (packed) cutting features
  • spray saw blade lubrication system
  • Large memory capacity for the cutting programs
  • The machine shut down automatically after reaching the requested quantity
  • Pneumatically opening safety guard
  • Windows based industrial PC and 7’’ LCD color touch screen
  • Remote connection via internet and providing technical support
  • Feeding distance per cycle (5 – 1000 mm). No limit for max. dimension.
  • Minimum cutting length: 5 mm and unlimited for the maximum cutting length
  • Min / max. clamping capacity: Height, H 5 mm – H 160 mm / Width W 5mm – W 370 mm

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